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biscuiiits... iiin... spaaaaaaaaace!

Space Biscuits: An Original Work-In-Progress
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Anyone and everyone. Fiction writers, artists, journalists, photographers, how-to manual writers, the works. If you can find a way to insert it in the universe (and I'm sure you can) then you can do it.


The biscuit verse is an alternate universe with many intelligent native species. It is also the apparent dumping-ground for all sorts of inter-dimensional travelers as well as an occasional fandom cross-roads.


Newcommers are dumped in or around Delphi Space Station, depending upon whether or not they're arriving by space-ship or some other space-worthy vessel. The station orbits a mysterious planet. Players should feel free to explore the universe as far as their imaginations can take them.


Since time is relative, interdimensional travelers are regulars, and different worlds advance at different rates... we will use BV time. Biscuit Verse time starts on the new year (2006) so we are currently in year 0 BV. For the sake of simplicity months shall remain the same.


It's a chance to poke fun at every genre cliché ever perpetuated.


Sign up, wait for the mods to approve your membership, and then go to town. Characters can come from any and every genre imaginable (and you don't have to open a seperate character journal, though if you wish to then feel free to). Players are encouraged to start with one character, but at the moment this isn't a rule.




1. It is perfectly fine for some things to contradict each other. So many things in reality already do. However if someone says that on planet GM there's no such thing as magic, then your wizard will lose all of their magical powers while on-planet. Like-wise the facts of species and societies are set in stone and subject solely to the whims of their originator. For this reason you're expected to keep up with the rest of the biscuit verse at least so far as knowing what's going on with settings and societies which you choose to make use of.

2. If you want to play with another author's characters you must have their approval (unless the character you wish to utilize has been designated as NPC or a free for all). At the moment there is no set form for how this must be done and so we leave it up to you. However, the unauthorized use of someone else's reserved characters will be severely punished and the offender will be banned from the community.

3. Settings and other such things (gov't bodies, companies, evil menaces, religions, etc.) will be considered free for anyone's use unless the author specifies otherwise. That's up to the author's discretion and they don't have to give any reason or rationale. However this community is about writing into each other, so sharing is encouraged.

4. All long posts shall be cut. All posts containing profanity, mature themes, and/or smut shall be cut and appropriately labeled. If you're not sure about any of that then put it under a cut. You can perform a cut like so:

[lj-cut text="yadda yadda yadda"] post goes here [/lj-cut]

replace [] with <>

5. People are expected to act maturely. If you have a problem then work it out outside of the community. If you can't do that then the mod(s) are available to moderate. However the mod(s) also have the power to ban those who break the rules from the comm. Members are strongly encouraged to work their problems out themselves.

6. A lot of information about the game goes up at our wiki, so please know and make use of it. While we will endeavor to report updates and the like on this journal that may not always happen in a timely fashion.

7. Have a fantastic time ^^


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