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13 December 2006 @ 08:04 pm
Wednesday Night Update  
Because I was a masochist I spent most of today rendering one of my many (many many many many) ideas of what the station looks like from the outside. Leaving aside the fact that I have the artistic skills of a sloth, look below the cut to see the damn things.

These are just... rambler's renderings. Also, they're for fun, because I thought it might be nice to have a mental idea of what the darn thing looks like. Don't feel bound by them though, if you can upload a better idea (or even a different one) then feel free by all means ^^; After all, this is Delphi we're talking about, for all we know the damn thing mutates like a Transformer.

Anyways, other things that're currently 'up' for writing/rendering in the biscuitverse:

  • Humphrey still hasn't got an entrance post.

  • Space Monkeys could use a bit of sprucing up.

  • The Waste Management Plant still needs a description.

  • Anything else that any of you brilliant peoples feel like putting there.

You are Here:

  1. Tangerine and Halvah both arrived at the station seperately.

  2. Nadine found her way to the Delphi Bar, and then got stuck there.

  3. Halvah somehow lost Tangerine, wandered around, and ended up finding Nadine. [link to Halvah's Journal, b/c it hasn't been posted to the wiki yet]

And we have two characters who've yet to make it to the station. Not that I'm nagging or anything.
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