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10 June 2006 @ 12:32 am
Well, how many projects can go very far without some ground rules? You can read what rules there are in the user info, but there are some other things which must be thunk about T.-

  • Formats: How do you guys want to format things? The collaborative stories, the biscuitpedia entries, terms etc.

    • Collaborative Stories

      • RPG format using and linking back to the LJ comm

      • RPG format using the comm and then being edited into prose form and posted on the wiki

      • Paragraph format using the wiki as primary

      • Paragraph format with breaks indicating who's authored which sections of the prose

      • Paragraph format with no breaks indicating the individual sections (all authors to be listed at top of page)

    • Biscuitpedia

      • Should there be a seperate one or should we keep it all in the family?

      • Should we appoint someone to keep track of the entries and keep them 'clean' (ie: an editor)

      • How many of you are actually interested at all in working on 'articles' for this possible aspect?

    • Live Journal Community

      • The community is for every members use and edification, announcements about wiki updates (or updates to any independant character journals) can and should be made here, along with introductions etc.

      • Any questions can be posted here

      • But please don't hand out the wiki-password in un-flocked posts

  • Characters: Do you want there to be a limit on how many exclusive characters any author can have at a time?

    • Character Pages

      • Can be utilized to hold character stories/anything else you choose to put there

      • Can be utilized to hold links to the character stories, timelines, and background information on the character and the universe they come from

    • Character Journals

      • At the moment character journals are not required

      • Do you want them to be required or not?

    • Public/Private Characters

      • at the moment we have no concrete terminology to distinguish public from private use characters. Though it is clear, I would still be more comfortable if we set out some actual terms that we could define and point to so no one can claim they got confused.

      • I'm not entirely sure that all of you understand what the difference between public/private characters are.

  • World and Station Building: How do you want to go about claiming bits of the Station and Planet Below to explore and describe?

    • It would be upsetting to have two people write two seperately really cool but unmeshable descriptions/tales of the same part of the station.

    • To avoid that some sort of claiming mechanism should probably be implemented, how do you want to go about doing so?

    • However it ends up at the moment we are running on first come = God, ergo whoever gets there first makes it so, but in the case of more detailed work that may take longer to complete we still need some sort of claiming system.

  • Posting Frequency: Some comms have a posting frequency requirement re: you must post something at least once a week/every two weeks/month/etc

    • Do you want any kind of limit like this (I kind of do, if only to force y'all to move along ^^;)

    • If so would you prefer (and be able to accomodate) weekly, biweekly, or monthly best?

    • Bear in mind that just because there's a minimum requirement that doesn't mean you can't post more or more often.

  • Suggestions: If you have any other suggestions or concerns then by all means Speak Up!

Your mod humbly requests that, if/when you read this, you at least comment to say that you've read it, hopefully you'll comment with actual answers/suggestions but I'm trying not to be unrealistic here -_-
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dontkickmycanedontkickmycane on June 11th, 2006 03:21 am (UTC)
Collaborative Stories: Since I've never RPG'd, and frankly probably don't have the time to, I would think Paragraph format using the wiki as primary this would likely work best for me. aside Widget, as soon as I'm back on line for real, you and I and Halvah and Tangerine need to have a little tte-a-tete, yes?

Biscuitpedia: keep it all in the family, I say, and there should likely be someone to go over the entries just so everything doesn't fall on your shoulders.

Characters Does there need to be a limit on exclusive characters? Are you worried about people not playing nice? I don't see there needs to be a limit, but, meh. Whatever. I'm not one for hording great numbers of characters anyway, but that's just me. As for Journals I don't know that it would be practical for every character to have one, but I think there will turn out to be rather major returning characters, and it might be neat if they had one.

World and Station Building: This is the tricky part for me. I feel like I might be stepping on the Great Monkey's toes if I just waltz in and create a bio dome or something that might not have anything to do with anything said Monkey had in mind for the station. Or is that the point? Just create away and damn the consequences?

Posting Frequency I hate deadlines, and yet do my best work under them. Bi-weekly is probably the most frequent I could manage, though. The trouble with the wiki is my poor, poor coding skills, and the LOOONg time it takes to get something up. I will work on that, though.
two thousandwanderingwidget on June 11th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC)
Yes! We and our charas must converge ^^ As for station building: the whole point of the rather open-ended and at the moment not-very-detailed descriptions of the station/planet/universe is to encourage everybody to take a hand in creating it.

If you want a biodome then make a biodome by all means, just don't try to put it where -say- deMona's already put the waste-recycling plant (which doesn't actually exist) or something like that. If you don't understand then say so please!

As for your coding skillz: the whole point of using a wiki is the fact that you need very little in coding skillz to utilize it. Plain and Simple are good, and actually Preffered ^^ I just got carried away with the pretty colors ^^;;

And I hope you get regular internets back soon!
dian_cecht on June 26th, 2006 03:39 am (UTC)
Collaborative Stories: I prefer "Paragraph format with no breaks indicating the individual sections (all authors to be listed at top of page." This makes stories much more readable.

Characters: I don't think that character journals should be required, and I think we should form some terminology to distinguish between private and public characters.

Station Building: I think that every time someone changes or adds to the station in a story, either the writer or the mod should add that to the "station" section of the wiki. This would make things easy for the other writers to know what is there for them to work with.

Posting Frequency: I write best when I'm in the mood. Also, my having free time does not suggest that I'm in a writing mood. This is fun stuff for me and I don't want it to feel like homework. I have enough of that with school. I'll post when I have something and if the station or a character changes before I have something posted, I'll either make a timeline edit or I will just change certain sections of my story.